Solutions for Wildlife

Rapidly Eroding Natural Resources

Tectonic technology shifts, rapidly eroding natural resources, climate change and need for sustainable development and unpredictable challenges have queered the pitch for wildlife and environment conservation globally, today. Understanding, collating and calibrating these challenges under a single platform is now possible. We have scanned the sky and fathomed the ocean, we are equipped with best of technical know-how, the question is of our intent. Are we ready with full zeal to put the efforts and invest in technology? Humans have limitations, technology can bypass such limitations and help us evolve in our methodologies that we invoke while dealing with the environment and the flora and fauna.

Wildlife Crime

Over the years several governmental agencies, NGOs and other partners have been working to embed technology to strengthen the environment, wildlife and biodiversity conservation globally. These new tools and technologies contribute towards scaling up the work of protected and conserved areas, effective management of sites, mitigating wildlife crime, monitoring habitats and species, for assessing various conservation elements and targets.

Collecting Data

Keeping a constant tab and effective monitoring of the environment, flora and fauna and natural resources is a critical responsibility of several custodians globally. One of the biggest challenge is data management, retrieval, capturing and demonstrating the conservation impact and strengthening the various needs across the conservation sector. To actively implement conservation measures and align resources for effective management of sites, it’s critical to understand the target areas and capacity needs, the multifunctional role of custodians who manage these resources.

Technology and Nature Conservation

We are still far away from full throttle application of technology into nature conservation. Machine Learning and AI are capable of solving problems like poaching, wildlife health monitoring, in protecting the endangered species and providing innovative climate change mitigation solutions.

.Global Conservation Partners

AI DigitalWorld, using its core strength, has been engaging with several global conservation partners for the integration and packaging of these technologies and its implementation across the wider conservation arena, to provide technological solutions that help:

Build smarter technologies for climate change solutions.

Strengthen site-based management and biodiversity conservation and bring innovation to combating wildlife crime.

Create AI models for accelerating sustainable development goals and capture the impact.