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Save the TigerCATS
Software developed by AI Digitalworld
Save the JaguarJAGS+
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Monitoring River DolphinCARDS
Software Developed by AI Digitalworld
Monitoring River Doplhin.

AI DigitalWorld

We at AiDigitalWorld are committed to helping further the cause of conservation, using advanced technologies and technological tools. We bring significant experience and a unique value proposition, through our expertise in providing the best technical brains and thought leadership.

Technology and wildlife , historically have been on an opposite ends . With the advent of modern technologies, wildlife and associated conservation has benefited immensely. Innovation across conservation has never been as advanced as it is in our time , we can see wider applications of facial recognition,
Data management tools, IOT & connected devices, Machine learning and artificial intelligence

We at AiDigitalWorld are committed to help further the cause of conservation, using advance technologies and technological tools . We bring great experience and unique value proposition, through our expertise in providing best technical brains and thought leadership.

AiDigitalWorld has a proven record in helping organisations of great repute through various engagement models

Global Conservation Partners

AI DigitalWorld, using its core strength, has been engaging with several global conservation partners for the integration and packaging of these technologies and their implementation across the wider conservation arena, to provide technological solutions that help:

  • Build smarter technologies for climate change solutions.
  • Strengthen site-based management and biodiversity conservation and bring innovation to combating wildlife crime.
  • Create AI models for accelerating sustainable development goals and capture the impact.

Our Vision

At AI DigitalWorld, we help businesses around the world strengthen their operations and management with powerful solutions. We recognize that technology can boost efficiency and capability by leveraging intelligent tools and applications.

Data Analysis

With the increasing amount of data being generated every day, data analysis has become a vital tool for extracting meaningful information and gaining a competitive edge in various industries.

Visualisation Techniques

With the vast amounts of data being generated every day, visualization techniques have become increasingly important in helping people make sense of the information and draw meaningful conclusions.

Solutions for Conservation

In today's world, where environmental degradation is a growing concern, conservation solutions are critical for ensuring the long-term sustainability of our planet.

Saving Animals

Saving wild animals is not only critical for preserving biodiversity but also for ensuring the survival of human societies as we depend on the natural resources and services provided by the ecosystems where wild animals live.

Business Incubation

The goal of business incubation is to help startups overcome the challenges they face in their early stages of development and increase their chances of success.

Green Technology

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the urgent need to address environmental issues, green technology is becoming more crucial in building a sustainable future for generations to come.

Latest Projects

In addition to our work in various sectors, we are actively involved in developing solutions for site-based conservation management in Asia and Latin America, specifically for the environment and wildlife conservation sector.

Few of Our Clients

As part of the IUCN Green List programme, the site assessment and gap analysis are a capacity-building exercise specifically designed to help site managers at the Application and Candidate phase to better understand Green List

The aim of CA|TS-LOG is to
assist the conservation portioners in visualizing & communicating
Conservation impact for tigers and effective manage the sites for
their long-term conservation.

CA|RDS stands for Conservation Assured | River Dolphin Standards and consists of the
Conservation Assured Framework adapted for river dolphin management and conservation.

The implementation of Conservation Assured Jaguar Standards (JAGS+)  demonstrates and promotes best practices in conservation management and sustainable development across the jaguar range.

Our Approach

A customized tool designed to assist in making decisions related to wildlife conservation.

Gather Data

Gather, quantify, and assess information in order to enhance the efficiency of your endeavors towards wildlife preservation.

Converting Data

By converting data into practical information, managers can better allocate their time and resources, and provide clear outcomes to frontline staff.


Customization of software is possible to meet particular requirements and situations, whether in terrestrial or marine settings, at connected or disconnected locations.


Demonstrates regard for data ownership and strictly adheres to the highest standards of privacy and data security.

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