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At AI DigitalWorld, we are dedicated to advancing the cause of conservation by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and tools. With our vast experience and unique value proposition, we offer expertise in providing the best technical minds and thought leadership.

As part of the IUCN Green List programme, the site assessment and gap analysis are a capacity-building exercise specifically designed to help site managers at the Application and Candidate phase to better understand Green List

Conservation Assured | Tiger Standards are the first set of Standards developed based on CA framework.

CA|RDS stands for Conservation Assured | River Dolphin Standards and consists of the
Conservation Assured Framework adapted for river dolphin management and conservation.

The government of Bhutan is aiming to strengthen protected area management through the development of regular assessments of protected area management effectiveness. This version of METT has been adapted by The Royal Government of Bhutan. This will help in strengthening the protected area management in the country.

The implementation of Conservation Assured Jaguar Standards (JAGS+)  demonstrates and promotes best practices in conservation management and sustainable development across the jaguar range.

Conservation Assured provides a platform for achieving excellence in site-based conservation.